Need to sell your car, but even after you wash and vacuum it, you worry about the smells you left behind? Our AUX System is the perfect solution. The AUX System odor elimination service professionally removes odors from any surface, including carpet. So no more worries. Just eliminate the lingering smells of cigarettes, gym bags, diapers and fast food with the smell of odor neutrality. 

Our AUX odor elimination system is powerful…even powerful enough for dirty sweat socks and an old take out bag you unknowingly left under your seat for a month or two. It is not a masking agent. 

Our vapor system removes all odors, allergens, viruses, and bacteria from homes, cars, commercial properties, and practically any enclosed space. We guarantee our services 100% or you don’t pay. And get this…our products are EPA, FDA and USDA Approved! Fresh Scent LLC guarantees safe, permanent odor removal to last a lifetime!