Getting ready to move out of your apartment and worrying that pet or smoke odor may prevent you from getting your deposit back?

Our AUX System uses a safe treatment, guaranteed to eliminate odors on any surface, and it is totally different from any odor elimination service you have ever run across. With the AUX System, you are guaranteed that odors will be eliminated and will not return unless introduced again. 

Our vapor system removes all odors, allergens, viruses, and bacteria from homes, cars, commercial properties, and practically any enclosed space. We guarantee our services 100% or you don’t pay. And get this…our products are EPA, FDA and USDA Approved!

“Before I moved out of my apartment, I called Fresh Scent LLC to treat my carpet, and I promise you there is no way that anyone would ever be able to tell that I have two cats. During my apartment inspection, my landlord even commented on how pleased she was with its condition. Needless to say, I got my deposit back right away! 

The AUX System really worked!  After my experience, I am totally sold. I would never use another odor elimination process again!”